Saturday, 29 September 2012

Blog Move

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Thanks for visiting and please try the new address!

Direct links to my top 10 most popular posts are as follows:

1) Assange (Correcting some of the myths)

2) A Fake Belief (The fraudster, Lord Credo)

3) The Perils of Twitter (The misogynist, Bertie Wooster)

4) Another Twitter Storm: BMW (Olympics misreporting on BBC)

5) Andrew Gilligan and Matthew Brown (Telegraph misreporting)

6) A Warning about Matthew Brown (Online and real life fraudster)

7) A Celebrity Dies (Twitter reacts to Whitney Houston's death)

8) 2000 years of Architecture with € Notes

9) How to Use Twitter (a practical guide, not just for beginners)

10) 2000 years of architecture with Euro Notes

Some more links to less visited posts that I particularly like are as follows:

In Memory of Omi  (my German Grandmother)

Boys in Girls Dresses (how my Dad reacted when I put on a dress)

SCUM  (reaction to the London riots of 2011)

Parents (telling your parents you love them before it's too late)

Living in the Sticks (some humorous reflections on rural life in East Anglia)

A Bus Load of Americans (my job taking High School kids around Europe)

Prejudice (my work talking groups to Concentration Camps)

Why I Tweet (the wonderful things about Twitter)

Who Would Choose to be Gay? (a happy gay man's reflections)

Bisexuals, Unicorns and Nice Tories: fact of fiction? (reflections on bisexuality)